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Planning for your website to go live? Have a look at this Checklist!

Whether you are creating a new website or restructuring a previous one to signify your business, don’t ever skip the step of testing before your site goes live. Remember, this practice can reveal anomalies and can create an adverse user impact if not tackled in time.

To safeguard your website’s success on the basis of its usability, functionality, securityc and performance, it must go through severe testing before it’s final launch. Most importantly, the testing process also assists in optimizing your website for higher search engine ranking- a significant approach that allows your website to generate leads.

Some essential things to follow before your website goes live are listed below:


Make sure that the links listed on your website work perfectly and take you to the designated website or webpage. Inspect if the URLs of the peripheral website land to the anticipated page rather than an error page. Moreover, check if the logo of your company comprises your home page link.

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Image optimization

Though images are effective to grab attention of users and make the website visually appealing, they also cut down the loading speed as well. Since the loading speed of websites is determined as a deciding aspect for Google’s search engine ranking, the heavy pictures can cause your website to drop ranking and even the user’s visit. To avoid such circumstances, make sure that the pictures are adequately compressed and appropriately labeled by Alt Texts. The text can assist search engines to correctly index the pictures.

Mobile responsiveness

A mobile responsive website is not only critical from the objective of SEO, but also assists in gathering visitor traffic as well. Therefore, it should be a significant point in your checklist. Make sure that your site is optimized for viewing across various mobile platforms such as- Windows, IOS and Android and ensure that it also fits well across various screen resolutions.

Browser Independent

Your website must run smoothly across various browsers and not just on any particular one. To achieve this objective, make certain that all web pages of your site are tested for compatibility on all of the modern common web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox.

By going through all these checks, you can certainly have a bug free website.

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