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Medina Alert: A Useful Mobile App You Should Have

In 2014, the Medina Alert-Hit and Run law was signed by the Governor Hickenlooper. The Act was held in partnership between Taxis on patrol, law enforcement organizations, and media to efficiently utilize electronic media to deliver urgent bulletin in severe hit and run circumstances. The name of the act was given on the name of Jose Medina who was killed in January 2011 by a driver in hit and run case. This is a tremendous law through which a suspect can be easily caught with the help of cooperation between citizens, media, and police.

On considering this law, a highly effective mobile app was introduced which made execution of the act extremely easy.

About Medina alert app

The app was introduced by the media alert program. You can get the app on both major platforms, IOS and Android, free of charge. The app directs you with a push notification when an alert is triggered by law enforcement. The app enables us to consistently assist the law enforcement by means of ingenious communication system to challenge the unfeasible and crack the unsolvable. The mobile app allows operators to track where serious fatal injury and hit and run incidents have taken place. It offers you these listed features as well:

  • All police station maps in Denver and all over the state.
  • All unsolved and solved maps of hit and runs
  • Enables users to offer tips through voice recordings, email, photo, or call
  • Option to make donation to the app
  • An in-news section
  • Photo gallery
  • Review the listed alerts
  • Event calendar

If the police officer possesses it, they will deliver all information about the suspect, and details about their vehicle such as license plate number, color and make/model.

The Medina alert is a non-profit program, 501c3, so you can make a tax-exemption donation to Median alert organization by clicking on the “Donate” icon straight from the mobile app. All revenue from the donation is utilized for victim’s assistance, Witness rewards, and for hit and run research and education.

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