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Hybrid App vs Native Mobile App: Which approach is superior?

The debate of hybrid app vs. native app as the cross-platform development of mobile apps has progressed over time. Both forms of apps have their pros and cons. Several enterprises are wondering whether they should go for a Cross-Platform Hybrid app or Native app development.

Let’s have a look at precise information about these two different platforms to seek out the misconceptions.

What is a Hybrid app and a Native app?

Let’s first clear the concept of these both. An app that is developed to run on a particular operating system is a native app. It designed in a specific language of programming whereas a hybrid mobile app is developed utilizing programming languages and tools that can be executed on both Android and IOS platforms.

Let’s have a glimpse of various advantages of both types of apps

Pros of Native Mobile apps

Native feel and look

A native app will unsurprisingly have a native feel and look. For instance, Android apps will consist of all the menu selections in a slide set menu that is accessible from the top-left place of the app. On the contrary, an IOS app will have the similar selections as tab bars in the bottom. The hybrid apps do not follow the same procedures each time as they have some limitations.

Capable of working offline

As it is designed for a specific OS, it contains all the data and functionality that is needed to work in the absence of an internet connection. But regular hybrid apps don’t work offline most of the times. If they do, they are not able to update offline data.

Complete integration with device

As a native mobile app is developed for a particular operating system using the OS-specific guidelines and programming language, it is capable of accessing all of the features of the device. It can conveniently access all the hardware such as Microphone, GPS, Camera, Bluetooth, and this amalgamation makes the final product extremely good. On the contrary, hybrid apps do not have complete device access.

These are some of the advantages of the native apps over the hybrid ones. Now let’s have a glimpse on the pros of the hybrid apps.


Lucrative Mobile app development

For such kind of apps, you are needed to develop a single app to work on all platforms, and you are required to deal with the individual codebase. Therefore, it becomes a highly cost-effective choice when your only app is capable of running on multiple platforms.

Better Modern Graphics

When it’s about modern graphics, for instance, modern gaming graphics, hybrid apps have an advantage in this field over native apps. The wide availability of tools, especially unity, has enriched the advanced graphics of hybrid apps.

Rapid mobile app development

Furthermore, it saves a lot of money and time. Also, such apps are not required to be regularly updated as their significant data exists on servers.

Everyone has a different purpose for their app. So to know which app is best suitable to accomplish your need, you can approach a best app development company

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