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How to evaluate the cost of mobile app development?

How much does a mobile app cost and what factors influence it? You have probably thought about it. At the beginning of the year 2018, there were around 2.8 million apps listed on the Play Store and approximately 2.2 million apps on the Apple Store, and the number is estimated to double in the next one to two years.

The mobile app economy is emerging very rapidly. The demand for mobile apps is very high these days. Users desire to try new apps that consist of some unique features. Businesses have also known the potential of mobile apps and how quickly they bring growth and assist in generating high revenue.

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These are some of the influential factors for the development cost of a mobile app:

Efforts put on research

The very first stage of developing an app is all about the efforts to study the requirements before executing the plan. Following the complexity of an app, accumulation of quality data is significant to understand the scenario of the market. Evaluating the functionality, scope, and features of an app are the chief aspects that drive an app cost. An app’s business logic establishes the elementary building block and holds a great weight at the time of deciding its price.

Devices and Mobile Platforms

The mobile platforms play a significant role in determining the app development cost. Blackberry, IOS, Windows, and Android are the four major platforms prevailing in the market. Unlike integration sets are there in each platform, each platform will cost you different.

Periodic maintenance/updates

After deployment, an update and maintenance plan are required to be executed regularly. Though sometimes updates are minor for some users, it is one of those significant elements that assist an app to preserve its place in the market. Even for the minutest project, the average maintenance cost can be high.

The cost of maintenance and the size of the project vary. Around 30% of the current mobile apps update once or more in one month while the remaining are updated once in six months.

The time required to develop

Mobile app development is an elaborate and highly time-consuming procedure. The complication of the project determines the time needed for its development. Hourly development charges of every mobile app vary considerably which is reliant upon its complexity and number of employees working on it.

Specific factors can’t evaluate exact mobile app development cost, so we have covered some of the significant aspects through which you can get a quote. The market circumstances and factors could be different for you, so you need to ascertain it wisely. If you are in Denver and planning to develop your mobile app, there are numerous mobile app development companies in Denver that can be contacted.


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