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5 Prevailing mobile apps that you can use to earn real money

In the present day, earning from a single source of income alone is not enough as the market is full of fascinating things that force you to spend money. Everyone wants to have extra money in their pockets. It is surprising to know that now it is possible with the help of mobile apps. That’s the reason why mobile apps are becoming very plausible nowadays. You can make a mint of easy money on the go without using your computer.

Here is some brief information on five money-earning apps.

Surveys on the go: As it’s name represents, it is a survey oriented app from which you can earn real cash. Here you are paid for the study based on products and services relevant to food, fashion, technology, and other things. The app is available on both leading platforms, Windows, and iOS currently, availability of this mobile app is in Denver and other regions of USA. Once you get this app downloaded to your device, a demo survey for $.50 will be there which you must complete.

Cash-for-Apps: This is an easy money earning app. Here you can make money by just downloading and running the other apps. There is a list of apps which offers you specific points for downloading them. You are paid ranging from $.10-$.50 for each app.

CashPirate: This prominent app has been in the top ranks from the last few years because of its reliable payouts. At the beginning of the year 2016, it’s users were earning plenty of money between $ 15-50 per month, and the figure remains the same.



mobile app is in Denver

Slidejoy: A solely android based app which doesn’t offer much money, but the good thing is you don’t have to put in any effort either. This app displays news and ads on your mobile lock screen and in exchange, you are offered carats that can be redeemed for real money via your PayPal account. The app provides you 20 carats on sign up, and will require at least 2,000 carats or more for the conversion to real money. 1,000 carats equals $1.


CoSign:   This is another interesting app that generates money by uploading pictures on various social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and others with the details about products along with the cost. Once you upload the images of the product, you need to tag these items from retailers present on the CoSign app which has over 1,200 vendors. You generate revenue when one of your followers buys your listed item. You get commissions up to 35% depending upon the type of product they buy.

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