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Searching apps on the Apple App Store made easier with – Voice Search Command

Looking to search something on the app store? There’s good news for you! Apple has finally made things go smoother for all. The application has been upgraded to a whole new version 5.1, and thoroughly we are looking for the same upgrades to follow up on iTunes also. The new search option also features the listicle of top trending apps, so you are always aware of what’s going on around you.

 voice search command

How to use the voice search command?

While launching the store app, you might have come across a new microphone icon? This icon lets you search mobile applications via your voice commands rather than old traditional texts where you need to tackle the hassles of writing the correct spellings.  The resultant search page has also been revamped, loaded with new card interface that allows easy sorting through the results.

What Apple has to say?

“Searching has been upgraded with an ultra-modern feel and design and is also empowered with advanced speed recognition technology to drive better results. With an aggrandized overall look and the amalgamation of voice commands, it’s now a child’s play to find desired sessions, stores, apps and much more” says Apple.

A bunch of new search suggestions also incorporate a plethora of options like “Cases compatible with this device,” “About Apple products” and much more. Apart from this redesigned interface, the rest of the IOS interface has been kept remain the same as it was much appreciated by the users worldwide.

This voice search feature is par excellent as searching has now been easier than just grunting your eyes in the screen and typing for apps and your destined searches. People are further looking towards Apple for fresh updates like this to ease our lives.

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