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Web development trends to look out for

In past years, the web development has got more and more ingrained. We tend to use web for every purpose either for shopping, banking or reading news. The utmost demand of web development talent is touching skies as ever and the scope of what web developers can do is huge!

Here’s a fleet of the main players in web development trends that’ll reshape the tech landscape in 2018:

web development trends

Virtual Reality:

A hot topic that has taken the traditional website trends by storm and is catching more and more attention is virtual and augmented reality. Apart from gaming, this web trend has also left its blemishes on websites. Tech giants like Mozilla and Google have started innovating APIs to assist VR technology transitions to the web. As a standard has been developed, we can expect more and more web apps developed using virtual reality.

Static website generator:

These tools can create websites from layman or plain text, usually stored in files and not in databases.  Websites built with the help of static generators feature functionalities like best-in-class security, increased speed, ease of deployment and easy handling. However, these websites do not portray real time or user content (such as comments on the websites).

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is always high on the agenda whenever we talk about futuristic technology. A lot of web trend changes have been made in the past few years with the help of artificial intelligence. Some of the gargantuan website development companies in Denver have been releasing their AI technology to be used by public. With the pace of technology advancements, you can expect a plethora of evolved AI technologies by the end of this year.

Chat bots are taking over:

Long gone are the days when websites used traditional e-mail systems to contact customers. More and more businesses are stepping in this field and are deploying chatbots on their websites as their customer executives. Chatbots are also assisting companies in boosting up sales, addressing resolutions to customer queries and most importantly they are liked by the audience. In short, chatbots provision twofold benefits in one go.

IOT (Internet of Things):

The fresh face of website trends is IOT. With advancement in web technology, IOT is overtaking traditional web elements and is setting new benchmarks. The IOT is a swift movement where non-internet based objects are provisioned with network connectivity in order to receive and send data. The objects can vary from your motors or sensors which can then be used for multiple purposes.  Web developers may not directly take part in the evolvement of these devices. However, it’s likely to develop in the shadow of applications that display data devices.

That’s not it! There are umpteen projects in construction that are to be released soon and will take over the web market with their soothing functionalities and state-of-the-art designs. Web development is a never ending ocean and we cannot exactly predict what comes next.

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