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The importance of user-friendly web design

User-friendly is a term that can never be overstated when it comes to website design. This is the ultimate goal when designing a website. Your website can be as fancy as you like, but it should be more user-friendly and appealing. If a user finds it hard to read the content of your website or is not able to navigate correctly to other pages, your website will experience a huge downfall. You should keep in mind these tips when designing a new website.

user friendly website


Design your website according to the mind of the user; your website should be easy to navigate. In today’s high paced world, we are accustomed to getting things quickly and easily. The easier your website is to navigate, the more customers you will attract and the website will attain a better SEO rank.


You need to make sure that your website has the ultimate scan-ability factor. Your potential customer should find it easy to scan and find keywords they are looking for on your website. To achieve this you should focus on two things: make sure your content is relevant and make it loaded with keywords you know your customers will find.

Readability is also significantly affected by the color scheme website or even the font. Make sure your website color complements the font text to make it easily readable.

Load Time:

Appealing load time for a website should be around 5-6 seconds. Your visitor’s patience is the ultimate test. Customers these days want fast results. If your website design lacks to load up correctly in the meantime, your customer will lose interest and will shift to another website. If your website has heavy content, resize and compress the image size to maintain the load time and attain a good performance speed.

Mobile friendly:

As 60% on the internet surfers prefer smartphones or tablets, you should focus upon how the mobile view of your website looks . If it lacks something, immediately fix the issue and enjoy a happy customer base.

Keep in mind your website shows your online presence and sets a standard picture in your customer’s mind. So you should definitely keep these tips in mind before having to start the design phase of your website. Your ultimate goal should be satisfaction of your customers.


There are several companies providing services related to web design in Denver; you can consult with them to get a premium looking website.

Services like Denver website design  include these elements in their design and development stage to boost a business’ online presence.

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