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Super easy ways to improve your SEO Rankings

What comes to mind when you see the term SEO?  Where is your website traffic coming from? If you are completely relying on customers to find you through Google searches, search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be on the top of your priority list. You would not be able to generate business if nobody could find you. A large number of people focus only on “keywords” and not much else. If you are constantly working to improve your “keywords” but still not getting the desired results, you may need to consider other factors that affect SEO ranking. Here are a few ways you can improve your SEO ranking and attain your desired results.

improve your SEO Rankings

Page Load Speed:

Both Bing and Google take page-loading speed into account of their website ranking algorithm. Users find websites that take a long time to load unattractive. That will increase your bounce rate and reduce the number of pages viewed, affecting your overall SEO ranking. There are numerous ways to increase your page load speed; some of which include cleaning and streamlining code,  using caching plug-ins, optimizing image sizes, and reducing the number of plug-ins. Proper optimization of the images will help you to improve visitor’s experience, increase trust, and generate empathy without increasing the load time; which will definitely affect your SEO ranking in a positive way.

Social Media:

The number of Tweets, Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, and other social media platforms utilizations can influence your website’s SEO ranking. Installing social media sharing buttons will help you to get higher ranks in searches as more and more users will be able to share the content. You can also run several SEO marketing programs in order to improve your overall SEO ranking.

Website navigation and Architecture:

When visitors cannot easily find what they need on a website, they are most likely to leave the website.  This leads to low dwell time, higher bounce rates, and lower number of pages viewed. A website having perfect architecture and clear navigation catches the eye of visitors resulting in higher SEO rankings.

Contact us page:

Websites having sufficient Contact information are considered to be more trustworthy rather than websites with less information. Including a healthy contact us page on your website and putting the link in the navigation not only makes a good visitor experience, but also plays a role in your SEO ranking. It’s found that a well-designed contact us page increases user participation and also helps in generating new business opportunities.


Search Engine Optimization is something your website must concentrate on now and in future as well. If you have just started focusing on your website SEO, you are a bit behind, but not too late. Implementing strategies discussed above and proper SEO marketing will help you achieve a good SEO ranking and a thriving business.

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