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Top mobile application trends that will dominate in 2018

2017 was undoubtedly a phenomenal year for mobile app development. The mobile app industry witnessed a new programming language “Kotlin”, becoming Google’s official language. The most disruptive technologies of our time came into existence. Yes, you are right. It’s the “Blockchain”! If you are thinking the mobile application industry has reached to its true potential and there is nothing left to see, then you are probably wrong. Here is the list of the top mobile app trends.

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Mobile Payments:

More and more users are preferring to pay online rather than with cash. Every mobile application has introduced this feature to please their customers. Special discount schemes are also provided to promote mobile payments.

Health Applications:

Health applications have become a need for everyone nowadays. With over 10,000 health applications available in the market and with a forecast of 1.7 billion downloads, the escalating demand is obvious. Now tracking your daily life activities, to how many calories you consume, is easy to calculate through mobile health applications.

Chatbots and AI:

Companies are setting new benchmarks with the introduction of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. Every company is trying hard to deploy chatbots for taking orders and answering questions. With their smart sense technology, people are in love with these chatbots.

The cloud is back:

Data and information is increasing each day and people are looking for some extra storage space. The Cloud is now back in 2018 and is grossing in the trending list. From business organizations to individuals, everyone is using the cloud nowadays.  For storing software programs to pictures, clouds are used in each and every home.

Location based services:

Companies are exploring location based and geofencing services on a very large scale. These services offer to trigger specific features in apps providing an ample of scope for personalization. Many companies offering mobile app development in Denver are continually working to improve the quality of GPS services their apps offer.

Enterprise apps:

As reported by Adobe, more than 77% of business owners found enterprise apps helpful. The reason is that the enterprise apps are key in today’s corporate environment. Long gone are the days when all the employees gathered at one work place; with the increase in mobility solutions employees can work for the company anywhere.

Some final words:

Here were some trends in mobile apps in Denver and other cities that were rising in popularity in 2018.  These are trends that can help you stay ahead of the technology curve.

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