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4 sins that NO Web Designer should commit

The recent Google updates have thrashed the age old way of marketing. Now, the internet marketers are thriving on quality content, quality links, and original social networking posts. Keyword stuffing on multiple websites could improve the search engine rankings before, but nowadays, search engine algorithm has become stringent about how to increase the ranking of a website. Responsive website design has become an important element of website design. Contemporary website designers know that.

Responsive website design

How SEO and website designing can be integrated?

Let’s jump-start with what SEO is and what web design is and how both of them can be integrated.

Search engine optimization– search engine optimization is all about delivering the internet users what they demand.

Website Designing– is a way a website is designed keeping the end users in mind.

Both of them can be integrated to form a better visibility on the search engine.  Hence, we advise the web designers to take into account following considerations when designing a website.

Adding content as per customer requirements– Adding content as per the user requirements is one of the best ways to improve the customer base. The web designers need to engage the client through a storytelling process. It can eventually end in a call to action process from the consumer. Making things simple and still meeting the SEO challenges can be tedious for the website designers.

Responsive Website Design- responsive website design is creating website pages that are compatible with the different platforms. The website responds to different devices like tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

Why there is a need of responsive website design?

Responsive website design is crucial to improving the experience of the user. Apart from that, it also improves search engine optimization process.

Eliminating unnecessary content- we all know the attention span of customers is reducing day by day and it is because of that SEO experts recommend not to put too many categories and subcategories on a single page.

Last but not the least; website design can hurt your SEO results, hence it is recommended to follow the latest website design trends.

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